Leadership & Instructor Training

Banks’ Martial Arts Academy offers a certified Instructor Training programme, in association with the national Instructor Training Academy (ITA) for Martial Arts. We work with the ITA to provide a structured training programme that enhances our team’s professional development through a 12-month programme of formal training and leadership development.

The ITA and the Leadership Team are an important and highly valued part of the Banks’ Martial Arts structure. Leadership Team members along with ITA provide key support for both the staff team and the club members. They are role models and play a significant part in the development of other students within the club. Being a part of the ITA / Leadership Team means demonstrating a continued commitment to Banks’ Martial Arts Academy, having consistently high standards and a high level of skill that other members will aspire to.

Being a part of the ITA or Leadership Team and having the opportunity to give back to your club is a reward in itself, but it also gives you a chance to develop your own training, leadership and communication skills, which are all important qualities you will need later on in life.